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Fain's Ribbon Cane Syrup

Making ribbon cane syrup:

In the old South many plantations and even small farmers devoted a portion of their sandy acreage to ribbon cane. This was for the purpose of having syrup on the table to eat with hot biscuits and butter throughout the year. Ribbon cane has a distinctive appearance because of the banding or "ribbons" on the stalks as is evident in the picture to the right. In those days just about every community had a man who owned a cane mill and the requisite fired, cooking vats where he would process the neighbors' cane for a percentage of the output. "Syrup time" was a community affair and quite a social occasion with everyone participating. The production of the syrup from start to finish was always supervised under the stern and watchful eye of the "syrup master".

An old syrup mill was a simple device having three big steel rollers, each about a foot in diameter and two feet in length. A shaft extended above to which a long, horizontal pole was attached. The pole extended fifteen or twenty feet outward where a mule or horse was hitched to it. The animal walked in a circle turning the rollers which in turn crushed the cane stalks being fed into it. The sugar rich juice was collected in buckets and relayed to a string of specially constructed, large cooking vats. These were tended by an army of volunteers from the community, again under the watchful eye of the ever vigilant "syrup master".

The cooking pan was about three feet wide and typically twelve feet long. It was made of metal and had a series of baffles so that in the transit from one end to the other, the the raw  juice would graduate from one compartment to the next in its gradual transformation to the finished product. It was here that  workers would use paddles to move the syrup along from one section to the next. ("Skimming" was also part of the operation.)

This long pan was mounted on a rock base with a fire underneath. Wood was thrown in from holes on the side, and a chimney on one end kept air flowing across the fire. Only the practiced eye and discerning taste of the "syrup master" could pronounce the end compartment ready to be "poured up" into metal gallon cans.

Fain's Ribbon Cane Syrup is still made with the same old-fashioned attention to detail. It's delicious. Try some on a piece of cornbread or a hot, buttered biscuit and we think you will agree!...Syrup is heavy and normally expensive to ship. Please note our bargain shipping below.

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About the label above:
Ribbon cane is the primary cane used; however, the possibility of cross pollination with adjacent fields of other types of cane and labeling laws prevent labeling as pure ribbon cane syrup.

Fain's Ribbon Cane Syrup, 12 oz size ... one of your choices when you custom assemble a gift pack: 3-item gift pack 
5-item gift pack
  • slow simmered
  • open pan cooked
  • no additives